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Avionics Log SA-V2



7.25” x 4” – 62 pages
(Soft Cover, Stapled)

For recording avionics installation, VOR accuracy, transponder and ELT checks, AD (airworthiness directive) and SB (service bulletin) compliance, and maintenance records.

Entry Sections Include:

  • Registration and Logbook Number, Aircraft Make and Model, Serial Number, Date of Manufacture

  • Avionics Equipment: Date Installed and Removed, Location Station #, Battery Installed and Replace Dates

  • VOR Accuracy: VOR#, Location, Tach Time, and Frequency, Type of Check (Ground and Flight), Bearing Error (+ and -)

  • Checked By and Remarks

  • GPS Database: Updated Date and Expiry Date

  • Transponder: Type of Check, Next Check Due, Repair Shop and Number, Signature, Check Modes, Required Inspection Frequency

  • Emergency Locator Transmitter: Transmit Test, Check Conducted By and Battery Due Date

  • Airworthiness Directive Compliance: A.D. Number, Subject, Compliance and Method of Compliance, Type A.D. (One Time and Recurring), Next Compliance Due and Authorized Signature/Certificate Number

  • Factory Service Bulletins: Manufacturer, Bulletin Number and Date, Revision #, Subject, Compliance and Next Compliance

  • Maintenance Record: Discrepancy, Corrective Action or Modification, Repair Shop and Number

  • Notes


ISBN 978-1-61954-183-2