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International Pilot Log SP-30INT



7.75” x 4” – 68 pages
(Hard Cover, Case Bound)

For Recording Aircraft Information, Flight Conditions, Instrument Information, Pilot Function, Ground Instruction, and Classification of Pilot-in-Command Time.

Entry Sections Include:

  • Certificates Held, Rating Record, and Aircraft Type Ratings

  • Address and Contact Information

  • Licenses, Ratings and Types (Date of Issue, Permit/License/Rating/Type, Number, Examiner/Authority, Remarks)

  • Proficiencies, Reviews and Medicals (Date of Issue, Type of PC/Review/Medical, Number, Examiner/Authority, Remarks)

  • Date, Aircraft Type, Aircraft Ident. Mark, Reg. No.

  • Departure & Arrival, PIC Name, No. Inst. Appr., No. Landings

  • Aircraft Category, Operational Conditions, Instrument, Pilot Function

  • Total Duration of Flight, Remarks and Pilot’s Signature

  • Ground Instruction Log: Date, Lesson Plan, Instructor, Time, Total

  • Classification of Pilot-In-Command Time: Single Engine, Multi Engine, Turbine Engine, etc.

  • Aircraft Flown and Number of Hours in Each: Aircraft Make and Model, PIC, Dual

  • Notes

ISBN 978-1-56027-520-6