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This guide is designed to help you with our custom logbooks quoting system. Each step is explained with screenshots of the actual web pages. Though this guide refers to our particular process, it is helpful for anyone looking to design a custom logbook.


1. Hardcover or Wirebound?

In my previous article I covered the differences between wire bound and hardcover books, and in what situation each is appropriate. The short of it is that hardcover books are usually more durable and provide more reliable evidence in court. In some cases there may be legislation that makes the use of hardcover logbooks mandatory. Wirebound books are generally more affordable and can be easier to write in as they lay flat when open, or bend all the way back. If you keep notes for internal purposes only, or there is no legal reason to go for hardcover, wirebound could be a more economical choice. To learn more please refer to our logbook buying guide.


    The first page in our automated quoting system asks you to select the binding type:


    choose a hardcover or wire bound format 

    Once you have selected the binding type that corresponds with your needs, click “next” to proceed.


    2. Book Size and Orientation

    The size of the logbook depends on its intended use. If you need a book to be frequently carried around then you may want to go with a smaller size log book. It is generally advised to fit the inspection procedures and details of at least one full day or shift on one page to keep things organized; which sometimes requires a book as large as 12” x 18”.

    Choose the size and orientation of your book 

    The orientation of your book depends on the page layout. By now you have probably noticed that some options depend on the design of your page - it is best to finish that first. If you haven’t designed it yet, then select your best guess and once the quote is processed we will advise you further. If you need help with your logbook page design, please follow this guide.


    3. Title and Stamping

    When ordering a hardcover book you can choose to have the title on the Cover, on the Spine, or Both. When books are stored on a shelf, only the spine may be visible - in this case you may opt for a title on the spine. Consider the use and storage of your book when choosing the position of the title. Extra stamping will increase the cost of your books; however, when ordering large quantities the additional cost is minimal.

    hardcover book title 

    If you are ordering wirebound books, both plastic and light card cover, then the title can only be printed on the front cover of the book.

    wirebound book title 


    4. Cover Colour

    Your choices for colour differ based on the binding type you select at the very beginning. The colour of a hardcover book comes from the material in which the cover is wrapped, and therefore the choices are limited to the materials available. The title of a hardcover book is foil stamped in one of four colours: white, black, silver, or gold. Should you require a design outside of these parameters please submit the closest matching configuration and indicate your requirements in the comments, one of our representatives will contact you.

    hardcover books colour selection

    Wirebound books with a plastic cover can be printed in most light colours - the range is predefined for you on the automated quoting system (if you require the full colour range, please submit the closest matching configuration and indicate your needs in the comments, and one of our representatives will contact you directly) . However, unlike the hardcover books, the title is printed and not foil stamped - so it can be full colour, text only, or text with a logo. The logo can be sent to samples@logbooks.com.

    plastic cover colour selections 

    Wirebound books with a white card stock cover can have any combination of colour printed on the outside for their cover and title, and therefore have a colour picker available for each - as with the plastic cover, the logo file can be sent to samples@logbooks.com.

    light card colour selection

    You can type the colour name in the text field under the colour picker and it will be automatically selected - like the words “red” and “gold” in the above example. Typing “lightgreen” will select a colour, while “light green” (with a space) won’t.


    5. Inner Pages

    If you haven’t yet a rough idea of the layout of your logbook, follow this link for a quick guide. Based on your needs you may require one page per day for a year, for a number of months, or just a round number of pages such as 100, 200, or 250, purely for convenience.

    You will need to decide on printing on two sides of the sheet, or just one. A page is one side of a sheet of paper, so if you select one sided printing then there will always be a blank page on the other side of the sheet of paper. This could be useful if you need to write with heavy inks or markers, or any other special consideration. However, in most cases it is not needed as we print on 70lb paper that won’t bleed through. Chances are that you will need to select double sided pages (printing on both sides of the sheet).

    number of pages in the logbook

    Now you simply need to enter the number of pages in your book and we will calculate the sheets. For example, if you print on each side of the sheet and need 200 pages, then that comes out to 100 sheets of paper with a page on each of the two sides.


    6. Misc Details

    Do you need your pages numbered or dated? Will each page be the same or will there be different pages? If you require the first 10 pages to be variant A, another 5 to be variant B, and the rest to be variant C (click for an example) then you can explain it in the comments.

    As long as your pages are black and white it won’t matter what you put on the pages themselves. The exact design and layout that you have selected will be confirmed at a later stage; it doesn’t impact the cost. If you require colour pages then please indicate this in the comments and we will provide you with an accurate estimate adjustment.

    logbooks quantity selection

    When you enter book quantities we suggest that you enter 3 different ones to see the price changes as the number of books increases. There is usually a significant price drop between making 1 and 2 books.

    You may wish to add a page with guidelines or instructions at the beginning of the book - please provide any accompanying explanations in the comments section. 


    7. Contact Information and Quote Estimate

    The contact information page requires the standard contact details - those are important for our quoting process. All of the details stay confidential and no financial information is required at this stage.

    contact form

    On your final page you will get an outline of all of the details that you have entered and the prices for your quote. The costs are estimated and when submitted will be confirmed by an estimator in house. While the vast majority of requirements can be accounted for in this automated quote, perforation, colour pages, tabs, envelopes or inside pockets, and custom logos on hardcover books will be incorporated by our estimator once you have submitted your quote request.

    automatic quote estimate

    The final page displays a summary of your quote details on the left side and the prices on the right side. The savings per book on larger quantities are displayed as a percentage in the “You Save (per book)” column. If you’re interested in a different quantity there is no need to redo the whole quote - simply type a new number in the “other quantity” box and click on the “Update Quote” button to see pricing.


    If you need to change any of the quote details simply press on the “Previous” button to go back to any stage and make modifications. Once the quote is complete, please click on “Submit Quote” to send it over to us for verification - we will provide you with a final quote within one business day. In the vast majority of cases the price will be virtually identical - exceptions include extras such as perforation, coloured pages, tabs, envelopes or inside pockets, custom logos on hardcover books, and other special requests.

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