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Newly Released Crane Log Book

Log Books Unlimited has recently developed a new Crane Log Book for operators to keep maintenance records to ensure that their equipment is up to the inspector’s standards. Crane operators – who lift, move, and position equipment and materials – will find this Log Book to be invaluable. They will need to perform pre-operational inspection as well as routine maintenance work. The Crane Log Book will allow the operators to keep track of these details.

Under the entry section for Daily Pre-Shift Inspection, operators can keep track of visual checks and operational checks. As well, in the section for Daily Maintenance Records, operators can enter information on oil levels, belts, lights, brakes, indicators, pads, and gauges. Finally, the section for Walk Around Inspection keeps track of bolts, pins, fluids, and hoses.

Any feedback in the comments section from crane operators would be of great assistance in helping us improve this Log Book.


February 22, 2015 Written by Angelica Barratt 0 comments