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Custom Logbooks Save Time and Money

What's the difference between a custom and a standard log book? It turns out that it could be hundreds of dollars per book in savings - when going with custom. Surprising? Yes. How is it possible?

Consider the following logbook layout:

Custom logbooks for the pharmaceutics industry with detailed instructions

How long will it take you to write all of this on the page?


Assuming that for logging such events you develop shorthand, it still could take upwards of 3-4 minutes. Perhaps your logbook needs are much simpler and it only takes 1 minute to write out all sections that repeat daily. If you write quickly (and sometimes illegibly) it could come down to only 25 seconds per page.


A standard (Engineers) year long logbook will have 365 entries, which multiplied by 25 seconds comes out to a little over 2.5 hours per book. Keep this in mind as you go over the following table:


1 book

2 books

10 books

Standard wire bound




Custom wire bound

Hours saved: 2.5
Extra cost: $52
Time value: $125
Net savings: $73

Hours saved: 5
Extra cost: $49
Time value: $250
Net savings: $201

Hours saved: 25
Extra cost: $48
Time value: $1250
Net savings: $1202

Standard hardcover




Custom hardcover

Hours saved: 2.5
Extra cost: $117
Time value: $125
Net savings: $8

Hours saved: 5
Extra cost: $121
Time value: $250
Net savings: $129

Hours saved: 25
Extra cost: $243
Time value: $1250
Net savings: $1007


Compared directly, a custom logbook seems more expensive than a standard one. However, this conclusion only works before factoring-in the time savings. 2.5+ hours of operations(per book) will cost significantly more than $100 in most situations, which means that ordering customized books is often worth it.


As the table shows, even ordering one custom log book can be more cost effective than a standard book in the long run. As the quantities increase the choice becomes pretty clear - keep in mind, this table illustrates only 25 seconds of writing redundant input per page.


What will a custom logbook mean for you?


Instead of general examples, why not look at your own particular needs and estimate the savings you stand to gain. Below is a calculator that will help you estimate the time and money you can save with custom logbooks. The first step is to identify (roughly) what you could print instead of writing every time. The easiest way to do that is to go through 5-10 of your daily logs and look for similarities. A more indepth guide on this can be found at our article about logbook page design.

Step 1: Enter number of words you will print instead of writing by hand

Step 2: Enter number of pages you will have in each book

Step 3: Enter the approximate value of 1 hour of work to the company (not just the employee’s salary, but the total cost of one hour)


You can now see the hourly and monetary savings for your order. This is on a per-book basis. Head over to our custom logbooks quote system and get an instant price estimate for your custom order.


September 27, 2016 Written by Eugene Matoussov 169 comments

Custom Vessel Log Books Made to Your Exact Specifications

            Log Books Unlimited is now the leading supplier of Log Books to the seafaring industry. No matter the size of your ship, these Log Books are the perfect tool for recording data to ensure that everything is operating smoothly. Our graphic layout specialists incorporate the exact specifications of your vessel. In our Deck Log, for example, the entry sections include courses, nautical miles, RPM, position, weather, distance of voyage, fuel consumption, and more.

            The vessel Log Books we customize include but are not limited to:

-Engine Room Log
-Bridge Log
-Deck Log
-Voyage Log
-Captains Night Order Log
-Dynamic Positioning Log

-Garbage Record Book
-Yacht Log
-Masters Bridge Log
-Anchor Log
-Official Log
-Navigation Log

            We can customize these books to fit your specifications.

            Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments concerning our vessel Log Books. Your feedback is essential in helping us improve our products.


February 23, 2015 Written by Jim Barratt 0 comments