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Among one of the most important purposes to well documented records is to keep up to date with your legal obligations. Log Books Unlimited specializes in providing these legally accountable evidences. In addition to ensuring due diligence, the ease-of-use, high-calibre structure and professional look of our product speaks volumes for your companies integrity.

Custom Log Books

Every day, thousands of users depend on our log books to maintain their valuable data; some of which have totally unique requirements. Log Books Unlimited has engineered many innovative custom products with varying complexity, with our research and development team, we pride ourselves in developing your perfect solution. For intricate data mapping, water-resistant characteristics, intense durability, or any other specialty features, we are on the forefront of book production technology.

Maintenance Log Books

Providing high calibre books for over half a century, Log Books Unlimited is now a leading manufacturer globally. Businesses in all sectors that are required to keep written documentation are finding our books invaluable. Through 'in-the-field' industry knowledge, and compliance with governing regulations, we have developed precise record-keeping tools.

Government, Fire Services, Hotels, School Boards, Marine Transportation, Airlines and Property Management are just some of the sectors that rely on our logbooks for their systemization.

Customer Service

Equal to our experience is our approachability. You will easily be connected to one of our logbook professionals for advice. With live staff to assist you with any questions, getting an estimate is easy! Do you have a question about our website? Contemplating a book and wondering where to start?

Send us an email: LBU@logbooks.com, or
Call us toll free at 1-877-564-2665.

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