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Our Custom Design Process

Our log books are created to the highest standards of customization and quality, meeting your  expectations guaranteed.  

STEP 1 - Introduction  

In the first initial point of contact we seek to understand the desired purpose and requirements for your custom log book(s). This information will dictate your book(s) construction. We have created an easy to fill out form to gather all the essential information and provide you with a quote. Once we have all the required information we will email you a formal quote for your approval. 

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STEP 2 - Design  

Once you approve the quote we will immediately begin the design process for your custom log book(s). We will ask you to email us any other details / files you would like included, if you haven't already. Our design team will be in contact with you every step of the way to be certain that your log book is exactly how you want it. They will help you decide on external features and appearance of your log book(s), while also assisting you in creating an efficient interior layout. Every aspect of your log book(s) can be customized to best suit your needs. Before production begins our team will supply you with final digital proofs for sign off.  

  • multi-colored covers

    Colored Covers

  • multi-colored foils


  • multi-coloured ribbon


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STEP 3 - Production  

Once you are 100% satisfied with the digital proofs, your log book(s) will go into production. Depending on the complexity of your log book(s) most will take 2 weeks to be shipped. The needs of each customer are distinct and will be accommodated to the best of our ability.

  • Custom Tabs

    For Log Books full of information, tabs are a great way to find pages/ sections quickly and with ease.
  • a blue log book with custom stamping

    FWS Stamping Die

    Text is milled onto a magnesium die and heated before a colored foil is placed between the die and the cover, leaving a coloured impression.
  • Custom Log Book

    You can also pick some extra additions (Examples: ribbons, printed end papers, elastic pen loop) in order to make your custom log book(s) more luxurious, sophisticated and functional.
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STEP 4 - Delivery  

Once production is complete, your custom log book(s) will be carefully hand packed. Once shipped you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number and invoice. We aim to  provide quality and professionalism throughout the entire ordering process. 

  • Multiple log books
a white background with no text.
A black log book with reference standard inventory text on the cover.
a custom log boko with a yellow tab
opened custom white log book
a stack of black custom log books
several different custom log books in a pile

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