Chief Engineers (1 Shift per page) Log Book #471C

Chief Engineers (1 Shift per page) Log Book #471C

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11" x  8.5"  -  368 numbered pages 
(Case Bound, Hard Cover)

Chief Boiler Log Book for Recording Boiler Plant Maintenance

Boiler Log Book Outline

  1. All logbook entries shall be in ink and any corrections shall not be erased but crossed out, corrected and initialled.
  2. No person shall deface, damage, destroy or, without the permission of the owner or user, remove the logbook from the plant.
  3. The Chief Operating Engineer or Chief Operator shall read and sign the log at least once each business day.
  4. The user shall ensure that the logbook is kept accessible in the plant for at least three years after the last entry is made and shall produce the logbook for examination upon the request of an inspector. 

Entries Should Include:

  • Date
  • Shift (including the times at which the shift begins and ends)
  • Names of all shift engineers, shift operators, assistant shift engineers, assistant shift operators, other staff and operating assistants or trainees on a shift and their periods of duty on the shift
  • Any instructions for the shift operation or for staff, along with the name of the person giving the instructions
  • Any change from normal operating procedure and the time of such change
  • Any unusual or abnormal conditions observed in the plant and the time they were observed
  • Starting or stopping times of primary equipment not recorded in other logs
  • Documentation of any repairs or maintenance, including that required under the Operating Engineers
  • Regulation 219/01, s. 39 (9), to any part of the plant, the times the repair or maintenance took place, if they were completed and who attended at the repair or maintenance
  • Any malfunction of any item or equipment, the time of the occurrence and any remedial action taken to correct the malfunction
  • Any work performed by plant operating personnel outside the plant, the time spent and who attended at the work
  • The entry of any unauthorized person to the plant, together with the purpose of the entry and the time of entry and leaving
  • Air compressor control pressure
  • Raw water supply pressure
  • Number of boiler(s) in service
  • Type of fuel
  • Operating time (on and off)
  • Operating cycles
  • Boiler water level (normal, low, high)
  • Condition of gage glass and gage glass shield
  • Rate of firing level
  • Observation of flame condition
  • Boiler water temperature
  • Stack temperature net
  • Number of boiler feed pump in service
  • Condensate return temperature
  • Level of water in condensate tank (normal, low, high)
  • Make up water rate
  • Number of circulating pumps in service
  • Supply water temperature
  • Return water temperature
  • Level of water in expansion tank (normal, high, low)
  • Treatment pump in service (low, normal)
  • Number of boiler water sample taken
  • Chemical levels
  • Salt levels
  • Findings of any water samples taken


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