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Aircraft Flight Log SP-FLT-2



5” x 7” – 96 pages
(Soft Cover, Wire Bound)

For Recording Aircraft Status, Inspection & Operation Information, Oil Changed/Added Record, 100-hour, GPS Database Update, and Annual Inspection Due Date.

Entry Sections Include:

  • Aircraft N-Number, Type, Serial Number, Engine Serial Number, and Date of Purchase

  • Owner Information

  • Book Number and From/To Date/Tach

  • Date, Pilot, Time (Out, In, Total) and Destination/Purpose

  • Squawks/Inspections, Ok’d By and Oil Added

  • Due Dates for Oil Change, 100-hour, Annual, VOR Check, Pilot-Static Check, ELT Check, and GPS Database

    ISBN 978-1-56027-761-3