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Aircraft Log SA-2



7.75” x 5.625” – 94 pages
(Hard Cover, Case Bound)

For recording Inspections, Tests, Repairs, Alterations, Ads, Service bulletins, Equipment additions, Removals or Exchanges. 

    Entry Sections Include:
    • Aircraft Record: Manufacturer, Serial, Model, Registration Number, and Date of Manufacture

    • Engine(s) Currently Installed, Propeller(s) Currently Installed

    • HUB and Blade Model

    • Registered Owner Record

    • Date and Total Time in Service

    • Current Weight and Balance Information: Empty Weight, Empty CG, Useful Load, Remarks

    • Recording Tach Time, Today’s Flight, Description of Inspections, Tests, Repairs, and Alterations

    • Reference of Major Repairs and Major Alterations To

    • Airworthiness Directives: A.D. Number, Chronological Listing and Method of Compliance

    • Manufacturers’ Mandatory Service Bulletins

    • Equipment Addition, Removal or Exchange

    • Notes

    ISBN 978-1-56027-117-8