Pilot Log Book - GLEIM

Pilot Log Book - GLEIM

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9.25” x 5.25” – 112 pages
(Hard Cover, Case Bound)

Practical for all pilot skill levels, student through professional. Eases the burden of record-keeping for pilots and instructors. 450 entries means a decreased risk of losing a lifetime of flight experience without sacrificing the features of a “professional” flight log. 

    Entry Sections Include:

    • Pilot Information: Medical Certificates (Date, Class, Name of Aviation Medical Examiner, Expiration Date) and Certificates, Ratings, and Operating Privileges Earned

    • Date, Make and Model, ID Number, From and To, Landings (Day and Night), Instrument Approaches (No., Type & Location)

    • Aircraft Category and Class (Airplane Single, Airplane Multi), Instrument (Actual, Simulated (Hood), FTD or Simulator)

    • Night, Cross Country, PIC, Solo, Ground Training Received, Flight Training Received, Flight Training Given, Total Flight Time

    • Remarks

    • Ground Instruction: Date, Subjects Covered, Instructor Signature, Time This Session, Total Time

    • Endorsements

    • Notes

    ISBN 978-1-58194-574-4

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