S.A.F.E. Cards® Complete Boxed Set

S.A.F.E. Cards® Complete Boxed Set

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S.A.F.E Cards® are 100 construction-related safety moments for any meeting or gathering—perfect for addressing safety-related issues at your workplace. Order a Complete Boxed Set to conduct Safety Moments and on-the-spot safety training. The set includes all the Cards from all ten categories in a custom storage box appropriate for the job trailer, office, or conference room. 

The Complete Boxed Set includes all 100 S.A.F.E. Cards® in a telescoping, printed box. The Cards cover a broad range of construction dangers and hazards. You can train with any Card in just 2-3 minutes. There are also 3 instruction Cards included that will help you get the most out of your training efforts. S.A.F.E. Cards® are super tough. They’re not laminated paper; they’re printed directly on durable, 12 mil plastic, and they have a scratch and scuff resistant coating. 

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