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Pilot Master Log SP-6

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11” x 6.5” – 278 pages
(Hard Cover, Case Bound)

For recording experience, aircraft types, currency, medical dates, flight review, classification of pilot-in-command or co-pilot time, and endorsements.

Entry Sections Include:

  • Owner Information, License, Rating

  • Proficiency and Type Ratings

  • Medical History and Employer Information

  • Date, Aircraft Type, Aircraft Ident., Mark, Reg. No.

  • Departure & Arrival (From and To)

  • Aircraft Category and Class (SE, ME), Pilot Function (PIC, Co-Pilot, Dual Received, Instructor/Examiner/Ck. Pilot)

  • Operational Conditions (Cross-Country, Night, Actual Instrument, Instrument (Hood))

  • Synthetic Flight (Time of Session, Type of Instruction, Type and Device No.)

  • Total Duration of Flight

  • Remarks, Procedures, Maneuvers, Endorsements, PIC Name

  • Pilot’s Signature

  • Classification of Pilot-In-Command or Co-Pilot Time (Single Engine, Twin Engine, Three Engine, etc.)

  • Endorsements

ISBN 978-1-56027-889-4